About me

I am an accomplished strategic leader with over 20 years experience in all aspects of communications and design. Currently seeking a new position, due to a family relocation to the west coast.

StrengthFinders Top 5: Strategy, Communication, Ideation, Belief, Input

* BRANDING, CREATIVE STRATEGY: I have worked for three different organizations specifically to bring strategic vision, fresh branding, efficiency, consistency, and sustainability to internal marketing/communications departments previously devoid of such. This included overhauling all customer-facing materials, writing and editing, creating a brand style guide, significantly reducing costs, and hiring/building/training a team to manage it all.

* CREATIVE DIRECTION/MANAGEMENT: I have led teams of professionals while working full-time for employers, and have also run a successful freelance business for many years, requiring me to act as account manager, art director, project manager, and designer all at once. In my most recent position, I led a team of in-house and external communications staff to manage the creative and communications for a large non-profit organization.

* PRINT/DIGITAL DESIGN: books, brochures, shirts, banners, billboards, newsletters, identity systems, promotional items, self-mailers using the Adobe Creative Suite; marketing web sites, social media, user interfaces, information architecture, landing pages, mobile style sheets, social media, HTML email, content management systems, WordPress, web 2.0, using Adobe Web Suite.

Additional experience with: user-experience design (usability reviews/testing, user research, information architecture, site maps, wireframes), instructional design (learning objectives, curriculum design, assessment development, content design), traditional art skills (pen/ink, oils, acrylics, watercolor, pencil, linoleum block cuts).