Next steps for us in Nicaragua @

Somehow I’ve known this day would come, even though I really hoped it wouldn’t. When we first felt God asking us to spend more than a week in Nicaragua, we wondered how we would make it happen financially. “We absolutely can not ask people to give us money,” was my answer. My husband didn’t want to raise support any more than I did, so he asked his employer to let him work from home, and then eventually to work from abroad for a period of time. Thankfully, they agreed and we were off the … [Read more...]

Report Card Deprogramming @ Still Not There Yet

Yesterday I posted over at [Still] Not There Yet about grades and report cards and the pressure my kids feel to meet standards at school: My daughter sulked through the front door and laid the tell-tale manila envelope on my desk with such a huff that it seemed she was thoroughly deflated. "More of my grades went down than went up!" She barely got the words out before I saw the first tear make its appearance in the corner of her eye. At 12, she is halfway through the dreaded mandatory … [Read more...]

Redeeming Love @ Still Not There Yet

This morning I posted about redeeming love over at Still Not There Yet. Specifically, I'm talking about the power that comes from loving someone who doesn't want to be loved... someone who thinks he doesn't deserve to be loved... someone who has been hurt in such a way she she believes love is part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Check it out. … [Read more...]